About Polished in Posh

My name is Imani, and I'm 20 years old. I am the CEO of Polished in Posh. Before I started Polished in Posh, I was a real nail enthusiast. The first time I wore acrylic nails was in high school. In Black culture, many of us treat our first time getting acrylics as a rite of passage. As a young Black girl, this was a real big deal. It slowly turned into a true obsession as the years went on. I was religiously getting my nails done every two weeks for so long. Sometimes even every week when I got bored of my nails, which was often my issue (LOL). Me being a frequent at the salon costed me so much time and money over the years. I was spending countless hours at the salon and hundreds of dollars each month. When the pandemic hit, I could no longer go to the salons. First, I panicked, I can't be caught slipping! I started creating my own nails with my own touch. I had so many people tell me I should start selling my nails because they loved them so much. So, I started Polished in Posh in May of 2020.

After switching to press-ons, I realized that press-ons are so much more affordable than frequent salon trips AND they are reusable. With press-ons, I can apply and remove my own nails at home in less than 15 minutes. This is great for special events or even to pop your nails on straight after work for a quick night out! I can frequently change the styles by reusing and mixing and matching sets in my press-on collection. So many different looks, styles, and all hand-painted and custom made! All this for one price instead of paying for a set just to remove it two weeks later. With all of the benefits of press-ons, that was it for me, I was officially done with the salons. I have always been a nail enthusiast, but now I am also the nail artist. 😍🥰

Polished in Posh is committed to providing the highest quality products and creating meaningful relationships with customers.  When you support Polished in Posh, you're supporting a small business ran by just one person. When you recieve your package from Polished in Posh, know that everything was handled and packaged with the most love and care from the CEO herself. Seeing the nails I created on the hands of my Posh Babes is one of my favorite sights. Communicating and exchanging ideas for custom sets for you all is my favorite part! My number one goal is to provide the most excellent customer service and build meaningful relationships with each Posh Babe. I believe being confident with yourself is very important. I want every Posh Babe to feel and look their absolute best when they wear their Posh luxury press-ons.  

Since I started Polished in Posh, I've had over 65+ orders from lovely, loyal customers. 🥺 This is truly the greatest job I could ask for and it's all thanks to you, all of my amazing Posh Babes and supporters. I am extremely grateful, more than I could ever express. With each and every order, it gets me further towards my goals and my dreams. I am very appreciative of any and all support, even if its telling a friend or even just visiting my site today. Thank you so much for supporting me!