General FAQ

How long will it take to get my order?
The processing time is 2-14 days. The shipping time is 1-3 days. Due to COVID-19, some orders may get held up in the post office. Please contact your local post office to know the status of your package after you receive your tracking number. It’s recommended to sign up for automatic text updates.
How long do press-ons last?
A press-on set can last between 2-3 weeks with proper application.
How do I apply and remove my set? 
Instructions on how to remove and apply your set can be found here. If you would like a copy of the instructions sent with your order, please include it in the shipping notes for your order at checkout. 
I want to create my own design. Can I make a custom order? 
Your nails should express who you are! If you wish to inquire about a custom set, you can do that here
What comes with each order? 
Each order with a set includes a nail starter kit(ONE kit per order). A starter kit 
includes a nail file, nail glue, a cuticle pusher, an alcohol wipe, and nail tabs. 
Are press-ons safe for my natural nails? 
Press-ons are safe and very gentle on the natural nail. Routinely taking care of 
your natural nail under the press-ons will make the most difference. Proper 
application and removal can ensure healthy nail growth under the press-ons. 
What is the return policy?
All sales are final after checkout. Certain exceptions may be made but at my discretion.