Nail Sizing FAQ

This page should answer any and all questions about nail sizing. Please note that accurate sizing will give you the best fit to make your nails last and stay on longer! If you are unsure or unable to measure your nails, sizing kits are available. A size kit is user-friendly and ensures fastest and most accurate sizing. 
How do I measure my nail bed? 
In order to get the perfect fit for your nails, ordering a size kit is highly recommended. If you do not wish to order a sizing kit, you will have to measure your nail bed. You’ll need a flexible tape measure to determine your nail size. Measure the widest part of your nail bed from sidewall to sidewall. Your nail size should be measured in millimeters only. Another alternative is to use paper and a ruler. Below is a great instructional video to help you measure your nails using both methods.
If my nails don't fit, can I get a refund? 
It is best to measure properly or order a sizing kit because all sales are final. Sometimes exceptions can be made, but at my descretion. 
How do I know what size I am?
You will know your sizes after you get your measurements. The available sizes are small, medium, and large. However, entering your exact measurements for each finger when ordering is recommended for best fit! You can do this by adding your sizes to your order notes. Please clearly indicate the finger and measurement.
Can I order one size kit and use it for all the nail shapes on this site? 
Each shape/length is a different size, so a size kit for each shape much be purchased. ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎
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I got my size kit, how do I use it?