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Made-to-order sets can be made with a layer of hard gel to ensure extra strength and durability. No acrylic products are used. All encapsulated designs use hard gel. This limits the flexibility of the nail but strengthens and elongates the life of your nails. Please keep this in mind when ordering sets that use hard gel. 

Posh nails look natural just like acrylic nails with all the benefits of press-ons. Each made-to-order set comes with a free, bonus nail starter kit that comes with everything needed to apply your Posh press-on nails: nail file, nail buffer, alcohol pad, cuticle pusher, nail glue(2-3 weeks wear), and nail tabs(1-2 day wear). Remove press-ons quickly and easily in less than 15 minutes with mani-fizz. Get 15% off mani-fizz with the order of a set! 

Posh luxury press-ons are made with high-quality gel products fit for a luxurious Posh Babe like yourself. Each nail is handpainted and every stone is carefully placed by me for you.  Each order is carefully packaged to ensure a safe journey to you. 


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